Revd. Roger Balkwill


What is your role at St Andrew’s Church and what is it you do?

Associate Minister (Retired)

What is the most satisfying part about your involvement at St. Andrew’s?

Not being The Vicar! Sort of Minister without Portfolio. What I do, I enjoy.

Best memory from your time here?

When we began Streaming Services online! Transforming.

Is there a particular chapter or verse from the bible which resonates with you more than any other?

Jesus says: ‘I came that they (wo/men) may have life, and have it more abundantly’ John 10:10

What is your biggest passion outside of Church life?

Spirituality, Music, and Literature (Biography & Poetry)

Have you got a hidden skill?

I enjoy cooking, though I am no chef! Playing the piano and organ give me great pleasure, though being self-taught my limitations are very many!

Favourite movie / TV series?

Out of Africa & Dad’s Army

Favourite book / author?

Three books which have sustained me through the pandemic restrictions:
1. ‘The Rise of Christianity’ by Rodney Stark.
How the obscure Jesus Movement became the dominant creative religious force in the World in just a few centuries.
2. ‘The Language of Tears’ by David Runcorn.
A fascinating and original book which seeks to recover the gift, mystery and meaning of human tears in the Christian spiritual tradition.
3. ‘Etched by Silence - A pilgrimage through the poetry of R .S. Thomas’ compiled by Jim Cotter.
A real treat to have two favourite writers within the same covers.

Favourite music / musician?

Too many to mention, classical and modern, Welsh Plainsong to Ladysmith Black Mazambo

For people who have just moved to Shifnal, what’s the best way to get started in coming to Church?

Take your courage in both hands. Step inside and don’t mind the hard seats!